SafeCom attends Actebis Channel Trends and Vision in Bochum Germany


Also Actebis presented its solutions at the Actebis Channel Trends and Vision event. SafeCom has been selected by Actebis as the product of choice for implementation of Pull Print and Security with the new Also Actebis MPS reseller platform. The partnership with Actebis – an important distributiom company in Germany – is a major step forward for SafeCom’s efforts in the German market.

SafeCom presented its solutions at the Actebis Channel Trends and Vision event, which is one of the largest reseller events in Europe. 

Over 4,200 visitors filled the exhibition’s 8000 square meter exhibition space and had the opportunity to view all the main brands that Actebis carries. This huge event clearly displays the company’s size and strength.  Actebis is one of the top 100 companies in Germany and on average sells approx. 25M Euro in goods per day. The Actebis Channel Trends and Vision event is designed to promote networking with the market and to strengthen their business concept based on close reseller bonds and partnerships.

Actebis carries all types of products from a wide range of major brands – including hardware, software, and print solutions from HP, Canon, Lenovo, Microsoft, Kyocera, Symantec, Intel, and many more.

This year, Actebis introduced an entirely new MPS product concept that has very high relevance for SafeCom’s offering. The new Also Actebis MPS is an all-inclusive MPS outsourcing platform for resellers. Resellers only need to bring in a customer and Actebis takes care of the rest, including analysis, platforms, quotes, financing, delivery, maintenance, supplies, and added solutions like SafeCom’s. As an indication of its commitment and expectations for Also Actebis MPS, Actebis allocated over 400 sqm space for presenting this new exciting product.

SafeCom Smart Printing empowers MPS solutions with features that help reduce waste, influence user-print behavior, improve document security, and optimize print infrastructures. This makes SafeCom’s solution highly relevant as a supplementary product to the Also Actebis MPS Reseller platform.
SafeCom manned its own dedicated area on the Also Actebis MPS booth from which SafeCom staff presented the Mobile Print, Save-O-Meter, Smart Printing, and answered questions. The booth attracted a constant flow of resellers showing interest in SafeCom’s solutions, and many leads were generated.

“SafeCom was designated by Actebis as their product of choice for the Also Actebis MPS platform for optimal implementation of secure printing and Pull Print,” says Kim Holm, the Country Manager for the German-speaking region. “The Actebis partnership with SafeCom and their role as ambassadors in our region are highly significant for our efforts in the German market.”