Today SafeCom is one of the world’s leading developers of software for the printing solution industry and its customers.  SafeCom solutions are known for their unparalleled ability to offer companies and organizations a better way to manage and optimize their printing services.

SafeCom’s products help simplify company printer infrastructures and streamline printing workflows. Direct results include reduced printing costs, increased document security, improved environmental credentials and a continuously productive print environment.  

SafeCom has been honored many times for its innovative approach to technologies that continue to push the boundaries for “what is possible” in small, mid-sized and large enterprise businesses. 

Prominent SafeCom clients include HSBC Bank, the University of Lincoln in the UK, Swisscom, Vodafone, the Imperial College London, the London Stock Exchange, NATO, Capgemini and Unilever, to name a few.

Company headquarters are located in Ballerup, Denmark, with local offices in England, Germany, France, Bangkok, Singapore and the USA. SafeCom maintains close relations with the world’s leading printer manufacturers, including HP, Xerox, Fuji Xerox, Canon, Sharp and Ricoh.